Throwing away garbage is easy, taking the extra few seconds to recycle helps the environment. After some research we found a great organization called Caps of Love. This organization collects discarded bottle caps that are put in our landfills or incinerated which harms the earth if not recycled. By collecting and sorting the bottle caps, the caps get shipped to a recycling plant and then sold to companies that use post-consumer plastic to create new products such as plastic park benches, plastic shipping pallets, clothing and much more. With the money that Caps of Love earns, wheelchairs are bought for disabled children.

Here at Steinlin Consulting, we decided to not only collect bottle caps, but to volunteer our time to help sort caps at a facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. From 5-7pm on a Wednesday evening we sorted bottle caps.

The organization uses large storage units to hold the countless bags of unsorted caps, large boxes of sorted caps, tables and bins used for sorting. Caps of Love is an international charity helping the disabled. To learn more about this great organization please visit