Company Culture

Obviously we are like every other company out there who prides themselves with customer service, honesty and accountability. We could list more attributes which describe us, however this is not what we are all about. Especially in today’s fast paced world it’s more important than ever to have balance in life.

So how can we differentiate ourselves in this market, and stay true to our mantra, that people not technology are the biggest asset for a company?
It’s actually really simple, we are not just talking about it, and we are living it.

Family First
Balance in life is important and our employees will most likely spend more time at work then with their loved ones at home.

We allow flexible schedules, flexible hours and accept and respect our employee’s personal situation.

We don’t want to be just another stop in the career of our employees, we want to be the last stop.

All our employees will be automatically shareholders of the company. Loyalty is honored as well as performance. We believe that every employee should have an interest to see the company succeed.

We only want the best, we want to breach with the habit of jumping companies. We invest in our Employee’s and our Employee’s invest in us. With complete transparency.

Getting involved
Volunteering is a big part of the culture. We are investing company time every month in a volunteer event. Every employee is expected to participate, and to be honest it was never even a discussion for our Team to not participate.

We are a Team who wants to make a difference, in work, in Life, in our community.