About Mat Steinlin

Mat Steinlin is the founder and CEO of Steinlin Consulting. In the last decade, he has served clients in financial, medical, high tech, manufacturing and other industries. His professional focus is providing leadership in architecting, developing and delivering critical business solutions for his clients.

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Throwing away garbage is easy, taking the extra few seconds to recycle helps the environment. After some research we found a great organization called Caps of Love. This organization collects discarded bottle caps that are put in our landfills or incinerated which harms the earth if not recycled. By collecting and sorting the bottle […]

Jupiter Beach Cleanup

On the first Saturday of every month, The Friends of Jupiter Beach have a beach cleanup along the beach in Jupiter Florida. On Saturday October 4th, Steinlin Consulting joined FJB with their monthly beach cleanup.

After signing in, we went with a group of volunteers to clean up a small section of a wooded area […]

Why Is it Imperative to have an IT Assessment Done Prior to any Merger or Acquisition?

Success in a merger & acquisition operation depends on winning the information battle and, increasingly, the most important information to have on hand is the IT status of everyone involved. Unsurprisingly, this makes the need for an IT assessment during the pre-merger phase a crucial one – in fact, an IT assessment is increasingly […]

International Coastal Clean-Up 2014!

The morning of September 20th we went to Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Jupiter Florida to participate in the International Coastal Clean-Up.
We were on the beach along with 300 other volunteers before 8 am. We decided to walk close by the water where seaweed piled up. Sifting through seaweed is not easy, but well worth […]

Virtual CIO/CTO – The Risk of Getting Comfortable

So what’s wrong with getting comfortable… isn’t that the point of success? Personally, comfort is wonderful, but for organizations it can be dangerous. Businesses must always look ahead and IT departments in particular should always have an eye on what opportunities the future might bring. A Virtual CIO Company allows your organization the flexibility […]

How To Successfully Navigate Mergers And Acquisitions

Developing the right acquisition strategy is essential to ensuring the success of your company. For most companies dealing with mergers and acquisitions can be stressful, no matter what side of the line you are on. While both sides of mergers typically benefit to some degree, acquisitions are much more difficult and in most cases […]

Mergers & Acquisitions – What IT Leaders Need to Know About Getting Mergers Done Right

We have already looked at the surprisingly dismal statistics regarding the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions, and the facts behind them. Bottom line: knowing is more than half the battle and companies that are not doing everything they can to be informed are disproportionately likely to end up on the losing side of […]

Steinlin Consulting – Cutting-Edge IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Basis of Information Outsourcing

Information technology is the common thread in the fastest-growing companies. Those that use it well thrive, while those that strain to keep up often fall behind. IT outsourcing companies like Steinlin Consulting offer their expertise fitted to your business.

Steinlin Consulting is a highly specialized IT company with five areas of emphasis:

Virtual […]

Virtual CIO/CTO – Benefits of a Hired Gun CIO

Companies that need a chief information officer (CIO) may assume the only recourse is to add one permanently to staff, with the investment in time, money, and organizational energy that requires. However there is available a new sheriff in town: the hired gun CIO. Companies are increasingly realizing the advantages – both short term […]