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Mat Steinlin is the founder and CEO of Steinlin Consulting. In the last decade, he has served clients in financial, medical, high tech, manufacturing and other industries. His professional focus is providing leadership in architecting, developing and delivering critical business solutions for his clients.

IT Solutions Company – Stop hiding behind email, you risk losing the message

What fraction of your internal (colleagues) and external (customers and vendors) communications are by email? An increasingly high percentage for most of us. If your inbox is overflowing, you may discover that some of these communications are better served by meetings, phone calls, or some other form of more immediate exchange. Don’t “hide behind” […]

Why a Virtual IT Company Could Make All the Difference to Your Company

In a business world with increasing demands in Information Technology (IT), having a sound IT department is more than important; it’s entirely necessary.  However, as anyone in that same business world can tell you, hiring the right person can be costly and take a lot of time and other resources.  So what are small […]

What are the TOP Reasons that Explain Failed IT Mergers?

Mergers & Acquisitions 

IT mergers are exciting and hold great opportunities for the companies involved. However, the uncomfortable truth is that mergers are still an inexact “science” and a significant percentage of IT mergers fail to meet expectations, or fail altogether. This is a point of commonality in all mergers, IT and otherwise: dangers may […]

Information Technology Outsourcing Services

Utilizing ITO and CIO Outsourcing to Improve Your Company
Whether you are running a small business or simply looking for ways to improve your bottom line, looking for alternative ways to get help with your information technology or investment services is a simple way to redirect resources for more efficient purposes within your company. Information […]

Learning The Benefits Of Acquisition Strategy

How to Create the Best Acquisition Strategy
Mergers and acquisitions are very difficult topics for many businesses. This is because there is a lot of laws regarding mergers and how they are created. Not only that, mergers can also make or break a business. Having the right acquisition strategy is necessary if you are hoping […]

Virtual CIO/CTO – Does your IT strategy align with your vision?

This is a pivotal question that too many companies are afraid to ask, or are not savvy enough to know they must ask in order to compete successfully.  Allowing a Professional Virtual CIO/CTO Company to consult you helps with developing an overall IT Strategy. Knowing why the alignment of an IT strategy with overall […]

Transition Services – Leadership Transition to Facilitate Cultural and Behavioral Change

Changing personnel is a normal part of running a business, however changes among senior management require care and diligence. Sometimes change is required when a senior executive moves on to another company. More fraught are those times when change is demanded by inconsistent results and the decision is made that change needs to be […]

The Importance Of A Virtual Chief Information Officer

Virtual CIO Services
When you are looking for an organization that organizes itself around Information Technology or IT. This company can be a multinational corporation or a small business, but it is important that the leader of this IT company has the experience and responsibility to provide proper direction for operations and management. The person […]

Transition Services – How to Reduce the Risk When IT Leadership Needs to Change

Departure or removal of senior IT leadership or key personnel carries immense risk for companies that rely on technology. Pivotal changes – particularly abrupt ones – can disrupt day-to-day operations, as well as frustrate any strategic plans that rely on close integration of IT processes and support to accomplish long range goals.

How can companies […]

Virtual CIO/CTO – Empowering Your Key IT Players

“Empower your key IT players!” seems like an obvious idea on its face. However, many companies stymied by inability to achieve strategic goals or frustrated by stagnant business growth and development do not realize that focusing on IT empowerment could be key to bringing the results they are looking for.
Bringing technology into the boardroom
Technology […]