Become a Partner

Strategic Partnerships

When it comes to innovation in IT solutions, Steinlin Consulting stands out with its Channel Partner Program. This program has been designed to aid business growth and profitability with long term goals. Strategic partnerships are a result of mutual alliance that takes effect when both organizations agree to resell their services. With us, you are becoming a partner of the leading IT solutions company. We take great pride in partnering with the best organizations in the market, and with their help and our efforts, we bring a different level of scalability like no other channel partner program.

Working with Our Brand

When it comes to resources, Steinlin Consulting will help your organization by giving you access to an unprecedented talent pool, while keeping your working relationships with business clients in leverage. While other organizations may keep their association with your brand confidential, we work together as part of your brand, adding credibility and experience to your name.

Generating Leads

“People do business with people they like”
– Forbes 2013

With Steinlin Consulting, your organization can capitalize on our brand, and gain credibility and recognition in the market. We are a growth oriented firm that is always looking to expand its network. We believe that your recommendation to our network should not affect your network in a negative manner. This is why we have a lead generating program to convert your client relationships to financially attractive propositions in a very lucrative way. We allow you the flexibility to expand and validate your network, while capitalizing on our market leadership and position. With our services, you can streamline your operations as well as your IT systems and enjoy enhanced margins.