Benefits and Requirements

If you want to become a partner with Steinlin Consulting and take advantage of our scalability, here are the general requirements that your organization has to adhere to:

  • Sales – Established sales with product expertise, closure on leads, and forecasting.
  • Communication – Customary attendance in sales and other technical workshops, training, and seminars.
  • Technical – Demonstration facilities, support commitments, and technical levels of certification.

Though partnering with us is free of charge, it is at our excursion whether to accept or decline an inquiry. As our association with your brand can strengthen your position in the market by giving your name credibility, we believe in accepting inquiries with potential and scalable long term goals. If your organization has the potential to become a market leader, then you can enjoy the following benefits with us:

  • Quality consultation and innovative solution service that allows your organization to provide the market with the best solutions for each segment and for all types of businesses.
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills that can streamline the processes in your organization to push for a growth oriented initiative.
  • Around the clock support on pre and post sales.
  • Priority access to our extensive talent pool.
  • 100 % channel oriented organization without any competition from us.

For more detailed information on Channel Partner Program, please contact Steinlin Consulting.