On the first Saturday of every month, The Friends of Jupiter Beach have a beach cleanup along the beach in Jupiter Florida. On Saturday October 4th, Steinlin Consulting joined FJB with their monthly beach cleanup.

After signing in, we went with a group of volunteers to clean up a small section of a wooded area called the ‘party site’. We realized very quickly why they call it that, the wooded area was filed with beer bottles, beer cans and cigarette butts. Down by the beach turtle egg shells and Styrofoam were lying side by side. Within 15 minutes we had already filled a large trash bag of recyclables. After an hour on and by the beach, our group filled four large trash bags of recyclables and another bag of garbage.

Giving back to the community is something we feel very passionate about. We intend to keep giving back and helping where we can. Looking forward to our next opportunity.