IT Governance

IT Governance, generally speaking, is a division in the corporate governance of an organization that is focused on IT and its risk management and performance. The executive management and board of directors are responsible for IT Governance, as it is a vital part of modern organizations. Growth oriented organizations today require the support of their IT structure to ensure that their goals and strategies are implemented and applied in operations. In such an organization IT governance becomes a crucial part of the organizational structure and its processes.

The term IT governance has many meanings and definitions, but there is no denying the importance of it. At Steinlin Consulting, we believe IT Governance represent:

  • Taking responsibility of IT systems and procedures.
  • The compliance of IT systems and procedures according to industrial and federal regulations.
  • Meeting the demands of stakeholders and board of directors.
  • Risk assessment and management of IT systems and procedures.
  • Providing value and control to a business over the work done.

The reason why there is so much confusion surrounding IT Governance is that it is usually associated with, or interchangeably used for IT compliance, IT controls, and IT management. However, Steinlin Consulting has a clear perspective on what IT Governance really is:

“IT related risk is to be managed effectively and IT related business investments are to deliver sustainable value, governance must be effective, efficient and transparent.”
IT Governance involves everyone from the board members to the executive management and the investors in an organizational manner. Its framework is incorporated in modern organizations in order to identify and establish strategies and goals that overview the utilization of information, along with creating value and managing the associated risks using IT systems and procedures.

Many businesses today view IT Governance as an important subset of the organization to ensure streamlined growth and transparent IT management. This is why Steinlin Consulting believes that IT Governance can provide your business with a resourceful approach to manage IT related processes and investments.

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