Security and Risk Assessment

Most compliance and security projects start with the basic idea of assessing an organization’s risk of breach and vulnerabilities. In this regard, it becomes very crucial to implement security and risk assessment on IT systems and processes to ensure that the overall security measures of the organization remain in shape. For many businesses today, outside expertise is preferable when it comes to building and maintaining IT systems to perform at an optimum level. Steinlin Consulting can provide your business security and risk assessment by appraising and framing IT opportunities and potential fallback, with a view to go beyond the issues to position the IT platform of your business in the future.


IT Assessment

The initial step towards IT transformation is an IT assessment. IT assessment might be mandated for many reasons, such as:

  • An employee has resigned recently, and you require an objective, with third party records on the current health and environment of the IT systems.
  • Major business interruptions that are disrupting the flow and management of operations, either recurring or as a single event that need to be analyzed and solved.
  • There has not been any investment on the IT infrastructure of your organization for several years, and you require an overview of action items that can deliver the best value in regards to TCO and ROI.
  • You are considering using the managed services for delivery of some IT systems, and you need an accurate inventory to determine the price.
  • The top level management asks for a benchmark on the current IT infrastructure compared to your contemporaries.

Conducting Effective Assessments

Strategic success depends on management’s ability to extract value from information technology.

Reducing the Business Impact

Risk assessment and business impact assessment are increasingly being viewed as synonymous…


IT organizations typically lack the resources or skill portfolio to stay on top of the rapidly evolving…