Assess Your Current Circumstances then Plan for Future Improvement

IT organizations typically lack the resources or skill portfolio to stay on top of the rapidly evolving security and regulatory environments – they are too busy simply testing and maintaining their own networks, applications and overall security programs. They need dedicated support to tighten security, reduce risk and meet new compliance regulations.

Steinlin Consulting provides security and risk assessment services for organizations of all sizes and capabilities. We provide our clients with the tools they need to effectively conduct security and risk evaluations. Steinlin Consulting can help you address the full roster of logical, physical, technical and non-technical threats, prioritized to ensure you meet the most critical needs first. After working with us, your company will have a stronger security posture and be able to meet all your compliance mandates.

Security posture assessment and improvement

Self-diagnosis is common practice when it comes to enterprise security, however this carries numerous perils, including lack of technical knowledge to accomplish an effective audit, lack of time, lack of leadership and insufficient understanding of real-world threats and likely avenues of attack. The consequences can be severe: a faulty assessment inevitably leads to risk prioritization and remediation efforts that fall short of ideal.

Steinlin Consulting has the real-world expertise, professional focus and outside perspective to assess and prioritize your risks effectively and efficiently. We have a dedicated Counter Threat Unit and Security Operations Center experts, whose sole job is providing companies the reduced risk environment needed to compete successfully. We focus on moving beyond the theoretical, to the real threats to your business. Prioritization results in remediation strategies that are fast and effective. You end up saving time, money and energy, as you can focus completely on your core business operations.

Test your security defenses

For IT staff, finding time to test security and compliance against real-world threats is nearly impossible. Compounding that preparedness problem: many enterprise IT departments lack the required expertise or executive leadership to engage in the necessary, detailed auditing required to truly secure their networks, systems and operations.

Steinlin Consulting security and risk assessment consultants have the skills and experience to fully audit your networks, systems, facilities and employees. We test versus real-life scenarios that businesses face, actual security and compliance challenges that require a professional, effective response. We can ensure gaps in security are closed and compliance mandates are met.

Steinlin Consulting security and risk assessment consultants deploy project management methodologies that are tested and proven to provide superior effectiveness. Our consultants also understand business needs: we prioritize to meet your requirements, can communicate with and advise both technical and non-technical audiences, and work efficiently to ensure your business is ready to meet today’s challenges as soon as possible.