Conducting Effective Assessments

Aligning Compliance with IT Risk Management

Strategic success depends on management’s ability to extract value from information technology. Operational success requires IT simply to stay connected and keep things running smoothly. Sometimes these goals conflict and IT balances precariously between risk and performance.

Steinlin Consulting helps organizations get exactly what they need from information technology, even when those needs appear to conflict. We help you leverage IT without creating too much risk. We operate with a variety of clients in complex, critical sectors including banking, manufacturing and government. Today, one of our most important functions is to manage information security where it intersects with regulatory pressures.

Information Security Goes Beyond Compliance

Compliance remains a priority, however more companies than ever now realize that aligning information technology security plans with business objectives makes good sense. Many are promoting privacy and data protection as competitive advantages.

A targeted security and risk assessment from Steinlin Consulting gives you the advantages you need to compete: get the most from your IT investments, reduce risk and position your company as a technology leader.

IT Audits Include Risk Mitigation Suggestions

Three-phase IT security assessments provide you a complete accounting of what is needed to establish sustainable compliance programs and successfully integrate information security controls with risk management strategy:

  • One: Identification, evaluation and prioritization of technological and organizational risks, along with solutions to manage those risks.
  • Two: IT audit includes review of current risk control solutions and their weaknesses, to create a comprehensive and proactive strategy to further reduce risk.
  • Three: Precise testing against standards, benchmarks and best practices, toward innovating a sustainable compliance program that aligns effectively with your core business strategies.

IT audits test against a variety of control categories, including process, security and integrity. We advise a comprehensive risk assessment in all cases, but we can work with you to select an exact audit package that best fits your needs.

Everything you need to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance of your information systems: IT audits by the knowledge leaders at Steinlin Consulting.