Expertise On Request

You are Executive Director for a non-profit, or maybe the Business Manager of a small company. You need to initiate a new technology project: launch a website redesign incorporating a content management system, develop a more efficient custom business app, or scale up your current IT portfolio.

The problem: you feel overwhelmed IT issues and on unfamiliar ground when you discuss what you need with software vendors or web designers. You have difficulty articulating what you need and no ability to measure the effectiveness of what is delivered.

You are not alone. Over 50% of technology projects fail – so what can you do?

Do not become another failure statistic

What you need is the professional support provided by a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In larger companies, the CTO is the C-Level executive who is the organization’s senior technologist, responsible for overseeing current technology assets and (more importantly) developing a technology vision that supports organizational needs. The CTO can provide valuable resources before, during and after any technology project. Prior to initiation, the CTO works with the company to determine:

  • Technologies that can contribute to strategic goals
  • Long-term technology solutions
  • Insight into advantageous solutions or technologies used elsewhere
  • Crucial needs and requirements for documentation

During the project phase – whether managing an outside technology vendor or in preliminary discussion – the CTO assists in assessing technology options, understanding the complexities of each solution and determining whether the proposed solution best fulfills requirements. Due diligence as the project progresses is another crucial CTO function.

Many small businesses and non-profits do not need a full-time executive in this position, however most stand to benefit from professional IT guidance.

Is price your only barrier to integrating technology into your operational and strategic planning? With virtual CIO/CTO from Steinlin Consulting, we can work within your budget to accomplish the exact services you need.