Enabling Skill Transfer

Knowledge sharing empowers an effective knowledge-management strategy and transference of valuable professional skills. Despite this significance, many organizations allow barriers to knowledge sharing to cripple long term goals and diminish returns on investment. These barriers are both individual (employee-based) and organizational in nature.

Individual knowledge sharing barriers:

  • Lack of available time to share knowledge, or to identify need for knowledge sharing
  • Anxiety that sharing jeopardizes job security
  • Low awareness of valuable knowledge others possess
  • Predominance in sharing explicit over tacit knowledge
  • Verbal/written communication or interpersonal skills insufficient to enable knowledge sharing

Organizational knowledge sharing barriers:

  • Lack of managerial direction that clearly communicates the benefits of knowledge sharing
  • Insufficient spaces designed to facilitate knowledge generation and sharing
  • Lack of rewards to motivate knowledge sharing
  • Internal competitiveness within or between departments
  • Hierarchical organization structure that inhibits knowledge sharing
  • Unmanageably large size of business units does not facilitate easy knowledge sharing

Steinlin Consulting helps companies remove knowledge sharing barriers, to focus on the effective and rapid diffusion of ideas that power growth, revenue and profits. We also provide companies with the tools to apply shared knowledge and leverage it for maximum value. We innovate knowledge sharing with concepts such as our “wingman principle” and a clear implementation path to facilitate skill transfer.