Virtual CIO/CTO

In any IT oriented organization, whether a small business or a multinational corporation, the IT leader has the responsibility of providing direction for management and operations. A CIO or CTO is typically the most senior executive for IT systems in an organization. He is responsible for incorporating the IT systems and department with the rest of the organization to meet operational and growth demands. However, more often than not, many organizations fail to get support from their Executive Leadership, which can only be counterproductive to the organizational goals.  There are several reasons why this can happen in any IT oriented organization, and some of them include:

  • A lack of structure and size in the organization for this position.
  • The departure of an eligible CIO.
  • The possibility of an acquisition which is to take place or will take place, causing an uncertainty which leads to a vacant CIO position.
  • The promotion of a technical employee.

For this reason, Steinlin Consulting  prides itself in being that alternative which gives organizations the flexibility, competence and expertise consulting to handle difficult IT Solutions.   Whether we are working as a Virtual CIO, CTO or just consulting on how to best approach the transition of your project we assure you’ll be well pleased with our professionalism and knowledge.

The importance of a CIO has increased significantly over the years, as modern businesses today are becoming increasingly dependent on IT. Based on the type of organization, a CIO can even be involved in board meetings, as their expertise in the technological fields can help in streamlining information and setting strategic goals. Whatever the reason is for not having a CIO in your organizational structure, there is no denying that they are important in optimizing operations and systems.  If this is the case, I encourage you to Call Today at 561-880-5533.  One of  our IT professionals can talk to you more about the benefits of having a Seasoned Virtual CIO or CTO on your team.

Though there are no direct qualifications for a CIO, an eligible candidate should have skills in information systems, software engineering, and computer sciences. If these skills are supported with a Master’s in business management or management sciences, then the chances of hiring the right person increase considerably. However, getting involved in the lengthy recruitment processes can be time and energy consuming, and additionally, hiring the wrong person for the job can lead to negligence claims. This is where Steinlin Consulting Services can come into play.

Steinlin Consulting is a comprehensive service provider that can provide you with CIOs that have the relevant experience and required expertise to highlight and perform technology strategies in your organization. Our Virtual CIO Service can help you save significant time and money by getting your IT strategies implemented in no time. This can help in eliminating any hindrance or friction that will otherwise be caused by in-house hiring. Our Virtual CIO can prove to be a cost effective option for your organization, compared to hiring a full time CIO.


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