Basis of Information Outsourcing

IT Acquisitions CompanyInformation technology is the common thread in the fastest-growing companies. Those that use it well thrive, while those that strain to keep up often fall behind. IT outsourcing companies like Steinlin Consulting offer their expertise fitted to your business.

Steinlin Consulting is a highly specialized IT company with five areas of emphasis:

  • Virtual CIO/CTO Services
  • Transition Services
  • Merger and Acquisitions Services
  • IT Assessments and Security Assessments
  • Project Management

Information technology outsourcing (ITO) involves each of these five areas. Those who outsource information technology staff use external companies like Steinlin to handle their IT needs rather than in-house IT staff. This is a cost-effective option for both small growing businesses and for businesses undergoing structural changes.

The expert staff at Steinlin Consulting knows all the ins and outs of ITO and will work with you to grow your IT structure or adapt it to new growth according to your business needs. This article details some of the benefits of an outsourced staff and will be encouraging if you find its benefits to fit with your business’s needs.

Our services are specialized to high-end areas of information technology, including the new services provided by the cloud. Our expertise in these and all prior areas of IT are at your service through the information technology outsourcing services available at Steinlin Consulting.

Human-Centered IT with Steinlin Consulting

The Steinlin way to handle tough IT problems is to focus on creating a human-centered approach to outsourcing information technology. By starting with the user’s needs and creating a system fit to all different parts of the company, Steinlin’s systems remain useful in an ever-changing IT world. By outsourcing Steinlin associates as your IT staff, you can forget about your IT problems and get back to running your business.

Business owners know that a quality IT system is essential to modern business. No matter what your business produces or sells, information technology is essential for monetary transactions, organizational databases and more.

However, not everyone knows how to design, manage or troubleshoot these systems, which is why more and more companies hire dedicated IT staff. Outsourcing staff is a less expensive solution that many companies find to be just as good or better than an in-house staff. You should seriously consider what an outsourced IT staff can do for both your bottom line and the quality of your business.

The chief information officer (CIO) or a chief technology officer (CTO) is the head of an IT staff. A virtual or outsourced CIO or outsource CTO accomplishes the same tasks as an in-person officer for less cost. This allows you to hire staff for other purposes, such as strengthening your relationship with your clientele or managing the increasing duties associated with business growth. Steinlin’s outsourced CIO model makes your business more efficient and productive.

An outsourced CIO helps reduce the risk associated with in-house CIOs. The loss of a senior IT officer can be devastating as you try to find a replacement. An outsource CIO can help you survive this interim period by maintaining the quality of your business while you find another officer. You also might find that the quality of our outsourced CIO services is a perfect fit for your business and decide to continue working with us. But however you decide to run your business, you can rest assured that we will work with your plans. We are as flexible as you need.

The decision to outsource your business’s resources through CIO outsourcing or other kinds of outsourcing can understandably cause some anxiety. Steinlin Consulting strives to minimize anxiety, not amplify it. It does this by hiring professional, experienced staff coordinated to work as effective teams. Our IT teams are like coordinated strike teams, working together quickly and efficiently to produce quality results fit to your specifications. You can trust in our expertise.

Other Services

Virtual CIO ServicesOur company also offers expert advice in choosing the IT products and services for your business’s specific needs. If you have a specific IT problem you don’t know how to solve, let us advise you on what to do. You may find that your problem is a lot smaller than you think, and you may even find that Steinlin Consulting has the precise solution you need.

Assisting in the changes involved with mergers and restructuring is another of our specialties. Whether combining your existing IT with new technologies or with existing systems at a merger company, the on-demand skills offered by outsourcing CIO and other IT staff allows your company to expand as quickly as possible. It’s a fuss-free solution to an often difficult problem.

We also assess companies’ existing IT systems for security and efficiency flaws. We can detect and correct mistakes or shortcuts taken by prior IT teams. By allowing Steinlin Consulting to analyze your system, you can save time and money and prevent potential accidents or hacks to your company’s data.

Let Steinlin consulting be your information technology specialists. Contact us today using the addresses and numbers above for more information about the services we offer.