As an established Cloud Software provider, we are providing several proven, client focused services. Many of our competitor’s pride themselves on their websites with attributes such as customer focused, on time delivery, experience…. a service level you would naturally expect.

So why should you consider working with us? Nonetheless you have heard the same statements from all our peers.

Proven Track Record

One of our biggest differentiators from our peers is that we own and operate cloud based software products. We are not just talking about knowing what we are doing, we are proving it with every project we work on.

Design Approach

While we certainly believe in documentation, our approach to website development differs from our peers. Writing a document with all aspects of your requests is certainly a important part, however we are not stopping there, we build the websites first draft as part of the Statement of Work.

Written Statement of Works can be deceiving and misleading, and quite often the result is project delay, missing functionality and budget overruns. At Steinlin Consulting, we are proud to have completed our projects on time every time. With our approach the risk is solely on us during a project and not passed on to our clients, by presenting double meaning statements in contracts or hiding behind  fancy terminologies.

Client Interaction

We have a proven track record with our clients. We make it our business to understand our clients’ business, objectives and needs, and We collaborate with all divisions of your business to find the best solutions that meet your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references and talk to a client of ours, rather than seeing an unverified testimonial on a website.

On-Time Delivery

Our experience, our talented programmers, superior collaborative tools, and effective project management, enable collaboration and successfully deliver projects on time. We work until you are satisfied.